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Get better at times tables in less than 5 minutes per day!

Times tables are a very important part of learning maths. When you get really good at times tables you'll be able to do them faster in your head than using a calculator!

Practicing times tables is the key to getting better at them. Simply complete one of the squares each day and time yourself. Remember to track your progress so you can see how much better you get. 

We've created a simple times tables practice sheet for you to download.

tutorbee times tables thumb












Click here to download the times tables practice sheet. 

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Solving math word problems using the Online Classroom

Online Tutoring Maths Word Problem Step Two

Word problems are a common feature of math lessons across the country. Your individual learning style will determine the best way to make sense of the problem. Some students prefer to visualise the problems, while others prefer to write it out. Luckily, TutorBee’s Online Classroom can help you with both ways.


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Educators as the cultivators of curiosity

If you have a few spare minutes, take a moment and watch this clip from the TED Educational series. Chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam reflects on the role of educators; moving from “content distributors” to “cultivators of curiosity”. He describes student questions as the greatest tool for learning, and believes teachers should focus on provoking imagination and curiosity.

An inspiring clip.


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Try our Online Classroom!

Online Tutoring online classroom TutorBee 3

Interested in the idea of online tutoring, but not sure how it works? Well, ponder no more. We've made TutorBee's online classroom available as a public session so you can jump in, and play around. 

We've also include these practical tips to help you make the most of the Online Classroom...


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Thought of the day

Online Tutoring TutorBee

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Study: Online tutoring just as good as in person tutoring


















A US study investigating the benefits of different tutoring methods has found that online tutoring provides a rich learning experience that closely parallels the best practices of in-person tutoring.

The study, analysing hundreds of online interactions and student comments, found that online tutors successfully provide all four of the primary factors required for productive learning: 

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Meet the Online Tutor - say hello to Andrew J

Online Tutoring Andrew J

Continuing our Meet the Online Tutor series, we introduce you to Andrew J. He's a new online tutor with TutorBee, but not new to tutoring at all. In fact, he is a teacher by trade and specialises in English and Humanities. His experience is extensive, having taught across primary, secondary and university levels. Welcome Andrew!  

TB: How did you get into tutoring? What motivated you?

AJ: I got into tutoring because I enjoyed teaching in the classroom so much that it was just a natural extension of myself to keep doing what I enjoyed and what really helps others, especially the 1 to 1 attention that is so valuable for learning that you can do when tutoring.

TB: You tutor English. What interests you about the subject area?

AJ: I mainly tutor English and Humanities subjects because I completed an English and History Major in my Undergraduate Degree and I love reading, movies and comedy. It's vital...

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TutorBee tutors recommend their best study tips for 2014

















With the new year upon us, we thought we’d reach out to a few of our many great TutorBee tutors to see what their best study tips are for students. 

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Common Tutoring Myths Debunked

Tutoring Myths













In the many conversations we have each day with parents and students from across Australia, we’ve been surprised by the number of myths that seem to exist about tutoring.  Below are the 5 most common tutoring myths we’ve come across in our time here at TutorBee.

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TutorBee in Money Magazine

Thanks Money Magazine for sharing the TutorBee story and vision in your November edition.  

Money Magazine Online Tutoring2

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