Online Tutoring
Early last week I wrote about the things we were doing to improve private tutoring for parents and students by bringing the experience online. Today, I wanted to point out some of the benefits and features that we’re incorporating into TutorBee to provide an equally brilliant service for Tutors. 

1. Marketing Support to help you grow your business: Once we launch, we’ll have an active marketing and advertising program across Australia designed to get as many students and parents as possible to the site. This will broaden your exposure and give you a greater chance of increasing your student base.

2. Onsite Marketing Tools: The TutorBee site includes a number of features that allow tutors to market themselves to students and parents. The tutor profile will act as your main promotional device – you can include a short blurb, detail your qualifications and experience, and include a short video to highlight yourself. We’ll also offer you to the opportunity to write short blog posts on your field of expertise, which we will include on the main TutorBee blog. This will build your profile with students on the site, as well as increase traffic to your profile via SEO and click-through. As part of the sign up process, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks on how to take advantage of the online classroom, advice on how customer service, tips on structuring your tutoring sessions, and suggestions on how to promote yourself. This advice will be ongoing.

3. Access to New Markets: TutorBee breaks down geographic barriers to education, allowing you to tutor students across Australia. This means more opportunity for you.

4. Scheduling Flexibility: You set your own working hours. If you can only work on weekends, fine. If you can only work late at night, that’s fine too. It’s totally up to you.

5.Online tools to manage your business: Our innovative system allows you to set your price, managing your bookings, update your schedule and profile, communicate with students and manage your tutoring income all from the one convenient place.

6. Online classroom: We offer a unique and easy-to-use online classroom. It includes a whiteboard for drawing and problem solving, as well as audio, recording, presentation sharing and instant messaging.

7. Pay only when you earn: Unlike other services, we only take a commission once the lesson has occurred. No monthly listing fees, no advertising fees. You only pay once you’ve earned income.

We’re really excited about TutorBee, and we can’t wait to launch. If you have any suggestions or advice on other ways we can support tutors, please contact us.